Rose Butler’s video installation ‘Come and Go’ selected for entry into the Lumen Prize

Still from dual-screen mockup of Come & Go by Rose Butler

Rose Butler‘s video installation Come and Go has been selected by Quays Culture Salford for entry into the Lumen Prize, an annual award and global tour that celebrates the best in digital art. Prizes will be announced at the Winners’ Gala in London on 29 September 2016.

Come and Go is a dual-screen, interactive artwork taking Edison’s 1920s films of the Serpentine Dance as its reference, with the dance phrases filmed from above and on high speed camera (slow motion). The dance phrases choreographed by Alexander Whitley references drone technology, states of limbo, control and resistance. The dancer shapes, animates and makes airborne a length of white silk as she moves within the frame. The marks, scribes and scuffs on the floor alongside the shapes and creases of the material point towards classical paintings. Each screen depicts a similar dance phrase, one plays forwards and one backwards, only occasionally does this become apparent. There are moments of synchronicity and times when the subject’s temporal coordinates are lost. This in addition to the ‘bird’s eye’ camera angle creates a non human-centred focus. The choreographic interpretation takes influence from flight, drones, states of limbo and invisibility.

Rose Butler is an artist, researcher and senior lecturer of Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University working with video, photography, sound, animation and installation. Find out more about Rose’s work here.