‘Quick, Quick, Quick’: Rose Butler’s digital short ‘BOX’ screening at the London Art Fair from Wednesday 17 January

Still from Rose Butler's short film 'Box'. Property of Rose Butler. Image shows a view from a window, in black and white.

Sheffield Hallam University Senior Lecturer and Research Scholar in Fine Art Rose Butler‘s digital short BOX will be screened as part of Quick, Quick, Quick at the London Art Fair from Wednesday 17 January 2018.

Photographed on a 1920’s box camera and created from a film printed in its entirety – including the gaps between the images. This animation includes all the miss-prints imperfections, accidents and chance integral to early photography, alongside the final images. Box details a journey from Sheffield to London and back again. Watch BOX here.

When short videos are compiled together, as seen in the selection curated by Kerry Baldry (all taken from volumes 1-9 of her ‘One Minute’ series), the succession of intriguing, engaging vignettes builds up to a slow meditation on the diversity found within this artform. As well as being the 30th anniversary of London Art Fair, this year is also the 30th year of the invention of the animated GIF file format, which artists have, since its creation, used to extend brief, poetic statement into infinite loops, generating absorbing, gently-hypnotic images from the simplest (and shortest) of means.

Quick, Quick, Quick runs throughout London Art Fair in the Art Projects Screening Room on Gallery Level 1.

Rose Butler is an artist, researcher and senior lecturer of Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, she works with video, photography, sound, animation and installation. She is a Doctoral Researcher registered in C3RI and sponsored by the SHU Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship Scheme. She is also a board member of Bloc Projects, Sheffield and a freelance artist mentor. Find out more about Rose’s work here.