Monday 24 October 2016 – Research Seminar – Professor Yvonne Dittrich (IT University Copenhagen)

Professor Yvonne Dittrich

Professor Yvonne Dittrich

Speaker: Professor Yvonne Dittrich (IT University Copenhagen)
Title: Software Product Eco-Systems – what it is and how it effects Use-Centered Design.

Software is increasingly developed, adopted and deployed in the form of customizable and configurable products. This has repercussions for the design, development and implementation of a configured or customized piece of software in the end-user organization. The design decisions done at the product provider influence the local ICT infrastructure. On the one hand, methods for local Use-Centered Design need to take the ripple effects in the local infrastructure into account, as it might affect not only the local implementation but also future possibilities for Use-Centered Design and End User Development. On the other hand, software providers need feedback and design input. User-centered design can be expected to change character from preparing implementation here and now to a sustained co-development of the common tool. The keynote is based on a series of research projects with software product providers and around evolution of organizational infrastructures and outlines a number of challenges for Use-Centered Design.

3.00PM – 4.00PM

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