Wednesday 18 January 2017 – Lunchtime Seminar with Prof Paul Atkinson (Design, SHU)

image of guitarist

Speaker: Professor Paul Atkinson (Professor of Design and Design History)
Title: The Electric Guitar: A Design History

Pauls’ academic research covers a wide variety of subjects, all concerned in one way or another with the relationship between society and technology. The relationship between people and technological artefacts is explored through his writings on the design history of computers. The impact of the society-technology relationship on the design profession is explored through his writings on professional vs amateur design, including work on the history of Do-It-Yourself and Open Design. The future impact of emerging technologies on the nature of design is explored through his practice-based research into Post Industrial Manufacturing.

The electric guitar is a unique thing: at once ubiquitous and quotidian, and yet extraordinary and distinctive. Its sound is heard every day by millions of people in many different forms of music, consumed unconsciously by many, very consciously by some. Electric guitars can be evocative items. Particular models arouse childhood memories of longing, or devotion to favourite players. Their sounds take us back to the times we were first moved by their emotive resonance. What appears to be an unremarkable object of modern culture to the majority, is to others a highly desirable object, shot through with cultural associations and meanings. What seems commonplace to most is to others a highly collectable artefact to be coveted and treasured.

This seminar outlines a programme of research currently being undertaken in order to produce a book about the design history of the electric guitar.

1.00PM – 2.00PM
Head Post Office, 16.1.16 (MA Design Studio)

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