Tuesday 28 March 2017 – lunchtime seminar with Julie Westerman (Fine Art, SHU)

Image of 01 spray-painted on the ground

Speaker: Julie Westerman (Fine Art, SHU)
Title: Trigger Point – Lisbon

Julie’s practice embraces both individual research concerns and interdisciplinary curatorial practice. She works across sculpture, drawing, film, animation, and CAD processes.

Ongoing research brings together a body of work that considers our pervading anxiety over global warming and our reactions to catastrophic events of natural forces. Recent curatorial projects have been concerned with the rethinking of utopian modernist architecture in the contemporary unban cityscape, in Sheffield and Berlin. The research talk will look at the development of Trigger Point, an interdisciplinary project in progress focused on the city of Lisbon.

Trigger Point is an evolving series of projects that use interdisciplinary collaborations and the host guest relationship to unpick the city. Art has the ability not only to represent the city but also to shape it and give it form. Trigger Point aims to create new points of interaction between artists and experts from a broad range of disciplines to consider how art can have a role in shaping of the future city, and for sustainable international discussion across disciplines.

In collaboration with Jaspar Joseph-Lester we have evolved an ongoing network of participants, including, academics in architecture, urban studies, social anthropology, human and physical geography, futurology, civil engineers curators and artists. This network was brought together in Lisbon for the first phase of Trigger Point to share knowledge and working methods. The outcomes included a series of workshops to develop five collaborative and interdisciplinary walking tours set to expose a series of alternative spatial narratives of the city, an exhibition of collaborative exploratory maps, and a series of films.


1.00PM – 2.00PM
Tuesday 28 March 2017
HPO MA Design Studio (Room 16-1-16)

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