Wednesday 07 June 2017 – Lunchtime seminar with Joanne Lee (Visual Communication, SHU) and Rosemary Shirley (Art History & Curating, Manchester Metropolitan University)

Image courtesy of Joanne Lee, SHU - fly tipping/litter

Speakers: Joanne Lee (Visual Communication, SHU) and Rosemary Shirley (Art History and Curating, Manchester Metropolitan University)
Title: Littered Landscapes

Joanne Lee (Visual Communication, SHU) and Rosemary Shirley (Art History and Curating, Manchester Metropolitan University) invite you to a lunchtime seminar about ‘Littered Landscapes’

With its multiple causes, varied material substance, persistent mobility and enduring legacy, litter is a subject that is hard to pin down. As a result it necessitates an approach in which shifting forms of attention are enabled through the application of critical lenses from different disciplinary traditions.

Across the last year we have been developing an on-going research dialogue about the litter that affects the locations in which we live – a Peak District village on the commuter rail line into Manchester, and a Sheffield suburb where the urban frays into amenity woodland. Drawing upon our backgrounds in art practice, art history, design, cultural and discard studies, and a particular conceptual focus on ‘the everyday’ in rural and urban contexts, we have variously pursued individual archival research including consideration of the World War 2 phenomenon of ‘litter trails’ and the history of litter bins, gathered the user comments from local news sites and forums, walked alone and together, journeyed to fly-tipping hotspots and abandoned waste transfer stations, photographed our regular commutes, picked litter, and come together to talk through our critical studies and practical experiences.

Our larger project is concerned with the multiple ways such material is generated, how it is and might be ‘read’, and what/how it signifies to those who create or subsequently encounter it. It attends to the microcosm of specific local sites as a means of approaching larger global contexts.

This is an informal seminar – you are welcome to bring your lunch, take a break from marking or installing degree shows…
We are keen to meet others with varied disciplinary interests in the topic and to explore opportunities to develop wider research networks.

Dr Rosemary Shirley recently co-curated the major exhibition ‘Creating the countryside’ at Compton Verney.

1.00PM – 2.00PM

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