Wednesday 8 March 2017 – lunchtime seminar with Dr Joan Ramon Rodriguez-Amat (Media & Communications, SHU)

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Speaker: Dr Joan Ramon Rodriguez-Amat (Media & Communications, SHU)
Title: Tramlines and the governance of communicative spaces

Dr Joan Ramon Rodriguez-Amat researches on Governance of communicative times and spaces and teaches History of the Media and Media Technologies at Sheffield Hallam University.

The relational space of interaction composed by the communication flows during urban cultural events is unevenly established. The systematic analysis of the communication geographies of protests or urban city festivals identifies the presence of significant but not innocent plurality of representations of space, an amount of structures that define and steer the information flows, a set of architectural features that nuance the symbolic values of the urban activities and a virtual network of connections that provide a view of the possibilities of communicative interaction. These are the four modes of configurations of space and place that set an analytical framework that empirically grasps the notion of communicative space as product of mediatisation practices.

Instead of analysing the convulse context of a specific protest, in this occasion I will describe the research on communicative spaces during the Tramlines Festival in July 2016 in Sheffield (UK). The commercial city music festival is set up around public and private city venues planned, with entry fees and spread across the wide urban space, grants the intentionality of the setting of the communicative space.


1.00PM – 2.00PM
Wednesday 08 March 2017

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