Tuesday 21 February 2017 – lunchtime seminar with Dr Frances Slack (Computing, SHU)

Image of Dr Frances Slack

Speaker: Dr Fran Slack (Computing, SHU)
Title: Women in rural Bangladesh: empowered by access to mobile phones.

A senior lecturer in Information Systems at Sheffield Hall University in the north of England since 2000, Dr Slack has been involved in human-centred, public access based research in information and communications technologies for some 25 years. Her focus is on the HCI evaluation of public access and self-service technologies and she teaches research methods and supervises students at all levels from undergraduate to Masters and PhD.

Mobile phones are seen as a means for social and economic progress in rural and remote areas of developing countries. In Bangladesh the availability and use of information and communication technology (ICT), particularly mobile phones, is thought to have accelerated the development of women in the rural population by creating the possibility of a wider connection. The paper suggests that wide and innovative utilization of ICT is needed to accelerate development of women in the rural population with the help of low-cost mobile phone technology.


1.00PM – 2.00PM

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