Tuesday 01 March 2016 – Lunchtime seminar with Esther Johnson (Media Arts, SHU)

An image of three women on a bench

Title: Alone Together – The Social Life of Benches
Speakers: Esther Johnson (Media Arts, SHU)

Esther Johnson will present work created as Co-Investigator of an AHRC Connected Communities innovation project, The Un-Sociable Bench, and other urban micro-territories of encounter and intimidation. This research project aimed to look at the in/exclusiveness of everyday urban realm design with a focus on benches as a resource for sociability and respite.

As part of this project, Johnson created the film Alone Together – The Social Life of Benches, which illuminates the thoughts and memories of frequent users of two public spaces in London: General Gordon Square, Woolwich and St Helier Open Space, Sutton.

Revolving around the micro-space of the humble bench, the experiential capacity of film is used to highlight themes such as the feeling of being in a space, the rhythm and flow of visitors to a place, and the importance of design for everyday street furniture.

The film acts like a stranger who joins you on a bench to ‘watch the world go by’, and to break the ice by starting a conversation with their fellow bench user.

This project was supported by the Arts & Humanities Research Council Connected Communities Programme 2015.

Find out more:
· Alone Together, the Social Life of Benches – 18’ film and packaged DVD and film booklet
· Benches for everyone, Solitude in public, sociability for free – The Young Foundation research report
· Manifesto for the Good Bench

1.00PM – 2.00PM

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