Tuesday 21 November 2017 – Lunchtime Seminar with Dr Liz Austen (Student Engagement, Evaluation and Research)

Dr Liz Austen - the use of digital storytelling for capturing student voices

Speaker: Dr Liz Austen (Student Engagement, Evaluation and Research, SHU)
The Use of Digital Storytelling for Capturing Student Voices

Dr Liz Austen is a Senior Lecturer in Research, Evaluation and Student Engagement with an interest in the student experience and the diversity of youth lifestyles. Her current research focuses on experiences within higher education. This includes literature reviewing the complexity of ‘teaching excellence’, evaluating pedagogic interventions for improving student engagement and exploring explanations for differential student outcomes. Before joining STEER in 2016, Liz working in the Faculty of Development and Society as a Lecturer and Programme Leader in criminology.

Digital storytelling can be a powerful tool for capturing student voices, especially those which seek to challenge a norm or prevailing culture. They can raise awareness of the differences experienced by students pre HE, through transition and induction, of feelings of confidence and belonging, and of the challenges faced in retention, progression and attainment. If different voices are heard, and students are empowered to tell them, then diversity in experience and understanding becomes a realistic ambition. However, whether digital storytelling should focus on the process of storytelling or the story as a product is an important discussion to have.

Digital storytelling takes many forms (blogging, curating, videoing). The form discussed in this seminar is the collection of digital images coupled with audio narration, using Adobe Spark. Examples of digital stories will be shown, along with a discussion of digital stories as artefacts of research, considering: the ethics of production (including consent and withdrawal), image use and the focus of the story.

You can learn more about ‘Digital Storytelling with Student’s here, and preview our next story here.

1.00PM – 2.00PM

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VISUAL RESEARCH METHODS  -Liz Austen’s seminar will begin our programming of visual research method seminars (at least one per semester) in the CCRC seminar series, due to interest amongst both staff and students. Anyone interested in visual research methods from any discipline is welcome to recommend future contributors.