Thursday 2 March 2017 – Lunchtime seminar with Dr Claire Craig (Lab4Living, SHU)

Image of partially submerged face

Speaker: Dr Claire Craig (Lab4Living, Design, SHU)
Title: Further than the eye can see? What insights can film and photography offer of the lived experience of dementia?

John Berger (1992) said that the ‘thrill found in a photograph comes from the onrush of memory’. This can be very true and for this reason photographs have been used extensively with people with dementia as prompts for reminiscence, supporting communication by enabling the person to access past memories.

In this lunchtime seminar Claire Craig, Lab4Living explores the broader potential of film and photography to offer a glimpse of the experience of living with dementia. She shares some of the insights that have emerged when people have been supported to take their own photographs, demonstrating the potential of this medium as a tool for exploration, experimentation and the development of new understanding of the world as seen through the eyes of a person living with the condition.


1.00PM – 2.00PM
Thursday 02 March 2017


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