Wednesday 29 October 2014 – Lunchtime seminar with Annie Watson and Jeremy Lee (Media Arts, SHU)

Title: 5 Walks – A selection of ongoing research projects in the Media Arts Area
Speakers: Annie Watson & Jeremy Lee, Media Arts, SHU

As a subject group, we have a history of walking, and the idea for this group has organically grown out of our own interests. We are coming from a diverse practice area, and walking has been cohesive as a way of enabling conversation and collaboration. We are keen on building an inclusive research group, taking regular walks, and envisage a forum for practice and reflection, where our diverse range of practices can be developed into a distinctive identity and where the group can act as a vessel, enabling individuals and collaborations to generate their own areas of interest, leading to wide ranging and compelling research outputs, representing us within a national and international community.

A presentation in two parts. The first part is an overview of the Walking Media Arts two residentials where 15 staff came together to discuss research needs. The second is a showing of the individual research outputs from a number of Media Arts staff involved in the walking group, including photography, film, 3D, knitting, sound and interactive media.
This initial work is ongoing and formative.

1.00 PM – 2.00 PM