Racism in healthcare: an anti-racist manifesto for change – Friday 21 October 2022 at 11am

As part of Sheffield Hallam’s Black History Month 2022 programme, the first Inclusive Hallam event of this academic year focuses on addressing racial inequality in one of the UK’s most treasured public institutions – our National Health Service.

Drawing on the ‘Nursing Narratives’ project, co-led by Sheffield Hallam’s Professor Anandi Ramamurthy, the event will bring together a panel of Black and Brown health workers and NHS partners to share their experiences, explore what progress is being made and present an anti-racist ‘Manifesto for Change’ in NHS policy and practice.

Black and Brown health workers, including those who have migrated to support our NHS, have made a critical contribution to health and social care in the UK – not least during the COVID-19 pandemic. But a 2022 British Medical Association (BMA) report found they continue to face “persistent” and “intolerable” levels of racism in the workplace.

Sheffield Hallam is one of the UK’s largest educators of health and social care workers. This event aims to highlight the challenges faced by Black and Brown healthcare workers, deepen understanding of active anti-racism and allyship, and understand what practical steps can be taken to help build a just health service. Participants will be encouraged to reflect and think about how they take action, wherever they work or study.

If you have an interest in equality, diversity and inclusion, you’re very welcome to attend. This includes those external to the University as well as current and former employees and students. Please sign up here.

The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded ‘Nursing Narratives’ project has led to various outputs including ‘Exposed’, a ground-breaking documentary that features Black, Brown and migrant nurses and midwives – some of whom will be on the panel – speaking about their powerful experiences of racism before, during and after the pandemic.