A Lover’s Discourse – Un discours amoureux – Dr Sharon Kivland

An image of the front cover of Dr Sharon Kivland's 'A Lover's Discourse', Ma Bibliotheque 2017
Title:Un discours amoureux (A Lover's Discourse)
Publisher: Ma Bibliothèque
Author:Dr Sharon Kivland
Publication date:2017
Print ISBN:978-1-910055-28-1
Format: 140mm x 205mm, perfect-bound
Number of pages:104

Dr Sharon Kivland read and collected unsolicited ‘encounter’ emails as if they were intended for her alone in a sincere desire for a real love relation, until their repetition bored her. She posted them on Facebook, while she sought their form. Her friend A. C. wrote to tell her how much he was enjoying her lover’s discourse. The form became clear: after the French edition of Roland Barthes’s Fragments d’un discours amoureux (“Tel Quel”, Seuil, 1977).