Mes Mariannes – Dr Sharon Kivland

2020-01 KIVLAND - Mes Mariannes (Publication) II (1)
Title:Mes Mariannes
Author(s):Dr Sharon Kivland
Publication date:2015
Print ISBN:978-1-910055-12-0
Format: 115mm x 175mm, 11 colour illustrations and one photographic plate
Number of pages:20 plus cover

2020-01 KIVLAND - Mes Mariannes (Publication) II (2)

Sharon Kivland’s book Mes Mariannes, made for the AMBruno Red project, has been acquired by the Faber Birren Collection of Books on Color – a part of the Special Collections at Yale University’s Robert B. Haas Arts Library.

The Parisian sans-culottes displayed their revolutionary ardour and plebeian solidarity in 1789 by wearing the Phrygian cap, the bonnet rouge. Herein there are only women, Mariannes who are all bonnet, who are nothing but phallic silhouettes, which oscillate between difference and equality.