Neubau Forst Catalogue – Features contribution from Paul Heys

Front cover of Neubau Forst Catalogue, edited by Neubau
Title:Neubau Forst Catalogue
Publisher: Lars Müller Publishers
Authors:Stefan Gandl, Christoph Grünberger, Benjamin Ganz, Daniel Cottis, Paul Heys
Publication date:October, 2014
Print ISBN:978-3-03778-435-8
Format: 240mm x 280mm, hardback
Number of pages:432

Neubau Forst Catalogue is a 432-page print catalogue of a digital collection of tree silhouettes and sculptures seen at different seasons. Working by hand, the Neubau designers digitally removed the trees from their original Berlin surroundings and thereby crafted a body of visual material whose scope, outstanding quality of detail and excellent image resolution sets it clearly apart from conventional tree libraries compiled with autotracing tools. The trees, which were systematically photographed in summer and winter over several years, assume a timeless validity through Neubau’s process of selection and are thus universally applicable for future visualisations. From the existing stand-alone tree objects, which can be placed against both dark and light backgrounds of all kinds, Neubau has furthermore derived individual ‘tree modules’. These modules can be combined with the ready-to-use trees in an endless number of ways.

Alongside detailed information about tree species, size, location, year of planting and file format, the catalogue also contains numerous impressive examples of how these images can be used. The corresponding Neubau Forst Archive, consisting of 683 individual elements, is the digital library of which architects, designers, graphic designers and illustrators have previously only dreamed.

Paul Heys is a Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design at Sheffield Hallam University.