Prof Lise Autogena to present in Hallam’s Space and Place Group Lecture

Prof Lise Autogena will present in Hallam’s Space & Place Group’s first lecture series: Perceiving Climate Change #1: Ice: Greenland – what next? Local Perceptions of the retreating ice.

In Greenland, the melting glaciers is already impacting on traditional ways of life and Greenlanders are experiencing a huge influx of climate researchers from around the world who come here to understand the wider impacts of the changes to the arctic climate. The melting ice also drives a growing international interest in Greenland as a site for exploitation of natural resources, in particular the mining of minerals critical to the global energy transition away from fossil fuels. This growing geo-political importance is perceived by many Greenlanders as an opportunity for diversifying local income sources to build financial independence for a new decolonised Greenland. However, many in Greenland are also concerned with the potential impact of international mining activities on the fragile arctic ecology, which could have long-term consequences for the Inuit way of life. This talk will focus on local perceptions in South Greenland, where a legal dispute with an international mining company is currently threatening to destabilise the entire Greenlandic economy, raising concerns about the country’s vulnerability in dealing with geo-political interests.

The event takes place on the 15th Feb 2024 – 7.00pm – 9.30pm
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