Phil Waterworth Researcher blog: The Flâneur Part 3

Image shows Phil Waterworth in his wheelchair in Sheffield City Centre

In this final part of the Researcher blog, Phil Waterworth, The Disabled Flâneur and Fine Art PhD candidate, completes his odyssey across Sheffield city centre as part of a film project with filmmaker Dorothy Allen Pickard and support worker Joe. In this final part, the journey continues through The Moor to Cumberland Street.

Part Three

Page 4 of a text based blog by Fine Art PhD Candidate Phil Waterworth, with a contour lines as a visual aspect. A text only version is available on this page as a download.

The Flâneur – Notes on a film by Dorothy Allen-Pickard. Page 4 of 4. Words by Phil Waterworth

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This black and white image shows me in my wheelchair rolling down the footpath at the top of The Moor. I am wearing a dark jacket and a bob cap. Phil Waterworth

Me in my wheelchair rolling down the footpath at the top of The Moor. Phil Waterworth

If you’d like to learn more about Phil’s work, you can find him on Instagram.


About the artist

Phil Waterworth is a Sheffield-based artist and writer, currently working on a practice based PhD. His work questions the complex relationship of disability and urban ethnography, how Flânerie and psychogeographic practices can help us shift our perspectives and relationship to urban space.