PhD student, Rachel Emily Taylor’s exhibition at The Foundling Museum, London

These portraits are the result of art workshops conducted by doctoral student, Rachel Emily Taylor, during her residency at The Foundling Museum, London from February – October 2016. Rachel Emily Taylor’s project analyses how biographical narratives are employed within the heritage discourse: unravelling the dialogues, particularly in the presentation of a historical person, in a museum context. The workshops explored how contemporary children engage with the children in the museum’s history; questioning whether they respond with greater or lesser empathy.

For more information please visit Rachel Emily Taylor’s profile page and research project profile on the Sheffield Hallam University website.

Rachel’s residency at The Foundling Museum was supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Heritage Consortium, and is documented at

Project Supervisors
Dr Becky Shaw (Director of Study)
Dr Deborah Middleton – University of Huddersfield (Second Supervisor)