‘Taking Museum Visitors Beyond Information’: Professor Daniela Petrelli presents at Design Informatics research seminar in Edinburgh – Thursday 31 October

Banner image - Daniela Petrelli, Design Informatics

Design Informatics – Designed to Generate Emotions: Taking Museum Visitors Beyond Information
Thursday 31 October 2019, 4PM
Inspace, 1 Crichton Steet, Edinburgh

Since the late 90s, mobile devices have been a favoured platform for the delivery of digital content in cultural heritage settings and apps are now commonplace. The emerging Internet of Things could change this landscape: by enabling the seamless integration of the material exhibition with the digital content, and by collecting and exploiting use data it is possible to create novel visitors’ experiences and services. The focus then shifts from the delivery of information in place to creating memorable experiences. Design practice for cultural heritage then has to open up to include aspects of storytelling and embodied experiences.

Daniela Petrelli, Design Informatics

Professor Daniela Petrelli is Professor of Interaction Design at the Art & Design Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University. She started working on new technologies for cultural heritage in 1996 designing the first context-sensitive personalised interactive mobile guide. Recently she led the European project meSch that explored tangible and embodied interactions in museums and heritage sites. meSch has received international awards and is the first to use the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing in museums. Professor Petrelli’s other research interests include personal and family memories, data visualisation, multimedia and multilingual information access. In her career, she has published over 100 international peer-reviewed contributions and received 12 awards both from academia and industry.