Wednesday 11 October 2023 – ‘Overspill: Presences, Processes, Perspectives event’ – in conversation with Rosana Cade

All are warmly invited to this screening and in conversation with Rosana Cade. This event is part of the research seminar series Overspill: Presences, Processes & Perspectives hosted at Sheffield Hallam University by Dr Sophie Swoffer (Lecturer in Performance).

The event includes a screening of the creative documentary film ‘Walking:Holding’ by Rosana Cade, Claire Nolan and Charlie Cauchi. This film is a meditative documentary that journeys through urban landscapes exploring identity and intimacy in public space with a focus on LGBTQ+ experiences.

Walking-Holding (Rosana Cade, Claire Nolan, Charlie Cauchi, courtesy of Sophie Swoffer)

Image from ‘Walking:Holding’ (Rosana Cade, Claire Nolan, Charlie Cauchi, courtesy of Sophie Swoffer)

This film is a response to Glasgow based artist Rosana Cade’s award-winning interactive performance of the same name, which invites audience members to embark on a carefully designed route through a town whilst holding hands with a series of different local participants. Shot entirely on mobile phones, the film follows the performance to 6 towns across the UK between June and November 2016, bookended by the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump.

After the screening, there will be an in conversation between Rosana Cade and Dr Sophie Swoffer which explores further into Cade’s practice and processes of making agentive practice.

For more information, and to register to attend, please visit Eventbrite. If you have any questions about the event please contact Dr Swoffer.

Overspill is hosted by Dr Sophie Swoffer and the Performance team at Sheffield Hallam University. Overspill celebrates the practice of interdisciplinary artists who are making important work that pushes against boundaries of creative work.

About Rosana Cade:

Rosana Cade (they/them) is a Glasgow based artist who mainly works in live performance. Whilst the form of their work varies and emerges in response to the specific context or inquiry they are engaging with, it is rooted in queer feminist discourse and straddles performance, live art, and activism. Almost all of their work is collaborative, and takes place in different contexts including theatres, galleries, urban public spaces, nightclubs and cabaret settings.

Rosana is drawn to liveness as a potent site for connection with an ‘other’, and their work often explores the joy and difficulty of connecting meaningfully others. This quest for connection is part of their queer activism and a commitment to creating a world with greater empathy and understanding between different people.

Rosana enjoys using live performance practice to create contexts that invite people to step beyond the boundaries they normally act within, giving audiences/participants sensorial live experiences they may not encounter or feel able to partake in elsewhere. Whether this be receiving a lap dance, holding hands with a stranger in public space, or singing along to a giant labia mouth, Rosana believes in the transformative potential of these carefully crafted offerings.