Overspill: Presences, Processes and Perspectives – Thursday 2 May 2024

All warmly invited to this in conversation event with live artist and movement practitioner Virginia Kennard. This event is part of the research seminar series Overspill: Presences, Processes & Perspectives hosted by Dr Sophie Swoffer (Lecturer in Performance) and Sheffield Hallam University.

When: 2nd of May 2024
Where: Online

Overspill #5’s featured artist is Virginia Kennard !

About Virginia

Virginia Kennard

Virginia Kennard is an explicit body performance/live artist and movement practitioner from Pōneke Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. She has made a range of solo and ensemble performance works, from short performances to durational installations, that are messy, queer, mayhemic, fun, and usually include music by Britney Spears. Virginia’s focus has been to facilitate the telling of stories – hers and others – by building safe spaces to create intimate interdisciplinary performance, that intersect, elucidate, and celebrate feminist and queer paedagogies.

Virginia is currently an MFA candidate in the Performance department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is currently exploring notions of time as it pertains to billable hours, hyperfocus, constructive rest, and composting. In particular, she is interested in how to become compost, for her mental health but also as a sustainable environmental practice. Virginia is playing in the dirt. Her urban existence in Chicago has left her body dysregulated and so Virginia is figuring out her shit – literally and artistically – as she floats in the compost of life.


About Overspill

Overspill is a series of in conversation events with interdisciplinary artists working within the creative arts industry. This research series focuses on celebrating the practice of artists who are making important work that also pushes against and explodes beyond the understood boundaries of creative work. Presence and agency will be considered as central themes throughout Overspill and how the artist might use their practice to respond to and/or challenge ideas around self and identity. Moreover, these events will celebrate the work of artists that might be considered marginalised and indeed works to celebrate diversity, equality, and inclusion in the arts.

These in conversation events will celebrate the work of artists working within, across, between and beyond the boundaries of artistic disciplines. Focusing on uncovering the many practices, processes and perspectives that the artist or maker might engage in when making creative practice, this series will also consider post pandemic contexts and what shifts in processes and new knowledges this might have uncovered for the creative maker. Moreover, Overspill also welcomes practice-based sharings in any format.

How to attend

This is an online event hosted through Zoom at 6pm GMT

Ticket booking is essential to confirm your spot and to avoid disappointment.

To attend and get the Zoom link please book your free ticket here.

Have a question about Overspill? Or if you would like to get in touch to be considered as a future featured artist/ speaker, get in touch with Sophie Swoffer.

Dr Sophie Swoffer is a Lecturer in Performance at Sheffield Hallam University. Sophie’s work in interdisciplinary and draws on both Performance and Film Studies in order to re-envisage, challenge and deconstruct the male gaze. Sophie has guest edited The International Journal of Creative Media Research’s special edition of Exploring Creative Methodologies (June 2020) and has also published to the international Body, Space, Technology journal (2021) and Makings journal (2022).