On the Radar: Fernanda Pires (Barcelona) – The Almighty Algorithm & YouTube Videos – Weds 29th May 3pm Cantor

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For the final ‘On The Radar’ talk this semester, we are pleased to welcome Fernanda Pires from Universitat Autònoma de BarcelonaAll are welcome, the talk will take place on Weds 29th May at 3-4pm in Cantor 9235.

The Almighty Algorithm: Users’ YouTube Algorithm Portrayal on YouTube videos – Fernanda Pires

Everyday activities are increasingly mediated by personalization algorithms and AI systems that are integral to digital platforms. These platforms shape our cultural and personal experiences through content recommendations that theoretically adapt to our preferences. While these automated systems enhance the user experience, their opaque nature makes it challenging to understand their operations. This research combines computational methods and online observation to gain a better overview of this phenomenon. Therefore, in this presentation, the initial findings derived from the everyday interactions, and consumption practices of YouTube users in relation to the YouTube algorithm will be explained. This includes the types of videos that discuss the YouTube algorithm, the main themes used to talk about the YouTube algorithms on YouTube videos, and the ways YouTube users portray the YouTube algorithm through their discourses and practices.