On the Radar: “The Problem with Kubrick” with Dr James Fenwick – Wednesday 29 November 2023

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SHU PhD Candidate Mars Nicolí recently wrote a piece about James’ talk – find out more here.

ON THE RADAR research seminars promote the sharing of knowledge across the entire Sheffield Hallam University community – all are welcome, free to attend. Our next talk is by Dr James Fenwick (Associate Professor in Culture & Media) speaking on “The Problem with Kubrick: Power, Privilege and Exploitation in the Media Industries”, as below:

The Problem with Kubrick: Power, Privilege and Exploitation in the Media Industries

“The films directed by Stanley Kubrick, such as The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, and 2001: A Space Odyssey, have been revered as cinematic masterpieces and Kubrick lauded as a genius artist. Yet, my own archive research indicates how Kubrick used his position as a powerful individual within the media industries to his advantage by trying to encourage global media conglomerates to subvert trade union regulations; by manipulating trade unions and politicians in a bid to change UK tax laws; by coercing his workers to overwork and encouraging them not to unionise; and by exploiting the women he hired or cast on his films or who he exclusively contracted to his production companies. These are issues that I have had to confront as a Kubrick fan over the past decade. This talk explores my ongoing research into Kubrick and how he can serve as a springboard to understand the wider historic and contemporary problems with the media industries, as well as the ways in which archival research can reframe understanding of the place of ‘genius artists’ like Kubrick in film history.”

“The Problem with Kubrick: Power, Privilege and Exploitation” with Dr James Fenwick
Wednesday 29 November 2023, 13:00-14:00
Cantor 9235

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Speaker Biography:

Dr Fenwick is an Associate Professor in Culture and Media at Sheffield Hallam University and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, whose research expertise is across the overarching fields of media history and archive studies, with five core strands of focus: Kubrick studies; archives and archival methods; film and media industries and workers; film festival studies; and unmade/unproduction studies. Dr Fenwick is also co-founder of the Archives and Archival Methods Special Interest Group for BAFTSS and convenor of the Archives Research Community based at Sheffield Hallam University.