November 2023 – Updates from Judith Stewart & Patrick Wichert

The Hanse: Re-imagining the North Sea research project, led by Judith Stewart & Patrick Wichert, followed up their September conference panel ‘Artists and their affective responses to archives and oral histories at the European Rural Historians Organisation in Cluj-Napoca with a return residency and exhibition at Cromer’s Artspace on the Prom. At Artspace on the Prom (November 2023), with fellow researcher and artist James Quinn, they presented work developed from their November 2022 residency.

Hanse is an ongoing research project using visual practice as a means of bringing together individuals who share an interest in issues affecting coastal areas on either side of the North Sea.

Image provided by Judith Stewart – Installation

Image provided by Judith Stewart – Hanse at Cromer Artspace on the Prom November 2023