Wednesday 14 November 2018 – Lunchtime seminar with Ron Wright and Neil Webb (Senior lecturers in Sound Recording and Sound Design for Film & Media Production)

Banner image for Ron Wright and Neil Webb's lunchtime seminar - picture of Ron Wright and Neil Webb, cover of 'Burning Pool'

Title: Burning Pool: An exploration of hauntology as a notion of “lost futures”
Speakers: Ron Wright and Neil Webb, Senior Lecturers in Sound Recording and Sound Design for Film & Media Production
Date and time: Wednesday 14 November, 1PM – 2PM

In this seminar Ron and Neil will discuss the conceptual and practical considerations that informed the development of this project. They will also screen the film Burning Pool (23 minutes).

Research question

The enquiry was to explore the notion of trans-generational communication of analogue and digital media within a DIY aesthetic.

Cover of 'Burning Pool' by Ron Wright and Neil Webb

Cover of Burning Pool by Ron Wright and Neil Webb

In the film, Ron and Neil wanted to show the transformation of a post-industrial city within the context of the city’s rich musical, cultural and social heritage. So, Burning Pool, which refers to the molten steel in the foundries that formed the city’s past industry is both a documentation of Sheffield as a post-industrial city in transformation and an exploration of hauntology as a notion of “lost futures”.

Burning Pool is a package which comprises:

  • 250 individually designed and screen-printed covers
  • 12” vinyl EP containing 2 x 10 minute soundscapes
  • DVD featuring 23 minute film with different soundtrack
  • A4 image and text
  • Info sheet
  • Digital download code

1PM – 2PM

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