Thursday 12 July 2018 – Lunchtime Seminar with Huang Hai (PhD student at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus)

Speaker: Huang Hai (PhD student at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus)
Title : Enhancing reflective learning experiences in museums through interactive installations
Hosted by: Professor Luigina Ciolfi (Professor of Human Centred Computing at Sheffield Hallam University)

At the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum in Malacca, Malaysia, researchers created a number of public interactive installations designed to facilitate inter-cultural and inter-generational dialogues about cultural identity. The technology employed included mixed and augmented reality techniques and gesture recognition to enable visitors to have a multisensory experience with the artefacts on display.

Analysis of pre- and post-testing knowledge-based surveys showed significant learning gains as a result of interacting with the exhibits. Surveys of visitor attitudes showed that they felt they had benefitted from the physical interactivity. Qualitative analysis of observational and video data showed that the different interaction techniques provided both benefits and challenges for interaction, which will be reflected upon in the presentation.

Huang Hai (Hugo) is a PhD student at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. His research interests are mixed reality, Internet of Things (IoT) and serious games. His current research focuses on how can a serious game be designed to create deeper learning engagement and reflection using IoT-enabled physical environments. Huang Hai works with Dr Marina Ng (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science, based in University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus).


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