Lise Autogena presents her research and film ‘Kuannersuit; Kvanefjeld’ at the RICOMET 2019 conference in Barcelona

Professor Lise Autogena will present her research on the Kvanefjeld mine in Greenland at the RICOMET 2019 conference – Social Science and Humanities in Ionising Radiation Research. The conference is hosted by IS Global, Barcelona Institute for Global Health, on Monday 01 to Wednesday 03 July 2019.

Still from 'Kuannersuit; Kvanefjeld' by Lise Autogena and Joshua Portway, courtesy of the artist

Still from ‘Kuannersuit; Kvanefjeld’ by Lise Autogena and Joshua Portway, courtesy of the artist

The RICOMET conference is an international, multidisciplinary and stakeholder driven annual event, devoted to academics, researchers, experts and civil society stakeholders involved in social science and humanities research on ionising radiation.

The conference give attention to societal aspects of different exposure situations and related uncertainties in decision-making. Related research topics include individual and collective decision-making, stakeholder engagement and communication aspects of exposures to radon in dwellings, medical applications, NORM and accidental contamination.

Lise’s film Kuannersuit; Kvanefjeld will be shown in the RICOMET 2019 exhibition: The Promised Land – Visual poetics of Preservation and Recovery, taking place in the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park throughout the conference.

Professor Lise Autogena is an artist and a Professor of Cross-Disciplinary Art at the Cultural Communication and Computing Research Institute at Sheffield Hallam University. Find out more about her work here.