Tuesday 30 April 2019 – Lunchtime Seminar with Dr Laia Darder (Senior Lecturer in the Languages and Cultures Subject Group, Sheffield Hallam University)

Title: Handling prejudice in dubbing: exploring racialised and stereotyped characters from source to target culture
Speaker: Dr Laia Darder (Senior Lecturer in the Languages and Cultures Subject Group)

The emergence of the use of language varieties in cinema has brought about a challenge for the dubbing industry, especially in the specific context of animated productions. The use of non-mainstream varieties has implications in the way characters are portrayed in the original text, but also the ways in which certain varieties are to be dubbed into the target language, depending on their function and portrayal in the original.

In this seminar, Dr Darder will discuss characters that are attributed features using stereotypes or prejudices that are attached to certain language varieties, who often also appear visually racialised. Dr Darder will then examine their corresponding translations into Spanish and Catalan, exploring the changes in implications and possible effects on speech communities in the target language. Dr Darder shall address problematic uses of non-mainstream variation in film, and explore problematic translation solutions that have been proposed or implemented. The aims of this seminar are to uncover how original animated films exploit stereotypes to build their characters, with a view of how the translated versions into Spanish and Catalan dealt with such socially and culturally constructed indexicalities.

Dr Laia Darder is a senior lecturer in the Languages and Cultures Subject Group, Sheffield Hallam University; previously she worked at the University of Sheffield and Brown University (USA). She holds a PhD from the University of Sheffield, and is a research collaborator at the Sociolinguistics Research Group at the University of the Balearic Islands. She is interested in the way power can be established through linguistic relationships, and how media aids or challenges views on language.


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