Lab4Living connecting with New Zealand’s Design for Health and Wellbeing Lab

The Design for Health and Wellbeing Lab is a collaboration between AUT’s School Art and Design and the Auckland District Health Board. The lab has been initiated with the vision of developing an intentional relationship between design process and the area of health and wellbeing. The lab is structured on a project by project basis and is underpinned by interdisciplinary collaboration and a strong focus on user-centered design. There is a potential for meaningful and real improvement in the area of product, graphic and service design for the ADHB, and exciting prospects for AUT students who are exposed to real, hospital based design problems.

Lab4Living’s Visiting Researcher Dan Wolstenholme was invited to present a Keynote at their inaugural Design Health Symposium in December 2013

Dan’s presentation can be watched here:

Video link –

L4L plan to continue this collaboration and develop further international projecst and reciprocal opportunities for Staff and Students across the two organisations.