Lab4Living hosts first 100-Year Life project International visitor

Visiting scholar Sonja Pedell

Lab4Living have been pleased to welcome Sonja Pedell, Director of the Future Selves Lab Swinburne Australia. Sonja has spent two months with members of the team, sharing her research and engaging in a range of activity, as Lab4Living kicks off its 100-Year Life project.

She commenced her visit by giving a keynote on ageing research of the Future Self and Design Living Lab to staff across the University as part of a symposium organised by Lab4Living Early Career Researchers. The focus of the keynote was on advocacy through co-design with people living with dementia. This was followed by stimulating discussions with colleagues from across the university on wide ranging subjects including robots in care homes.

Sonja then spent a period of time with staff and residents in Sheffcare, sharing best practice and a range of activities with individuals living across 10 care homes.

Sonja Pedell with Claire Craig and Helen Fisher

Sonja Pedell with Claire Craig and Helen Fisher

A joint grant application aims for a more in-depth transnational collaboration to support the agency of people living with dementia in the built environment through digital cues and other cognitive ramps.

Of the visit, Sonja said:

“I would like to thank the Lab 4 Living Team and in particular Claire for many great discussions on Living Lab best practice and juggling the many different demands with good humour.

It was truly inspiring and fun – Sheffield will see me back.”