Professor Keith Wilson and his ‘Object Library’

The Object Library logo - Keith Wilson

Keith Wilson's The Object Library

On the first floor of The Graduate Center, the Object Library offers both material objects and books as starting points for knowledge.

Somewhere between a sculpture gallery and a library, The Object Library displays selected objects alongside curated books on related themes. These material artefacts provide the starting points for conversation and shared speculation and, chosen carefully, they convey a taste of what goes on inside the Graduate Center. The visitor will be able to sample scientific knowledge and the latest thinking in the humanities in a relaxed environment with a focus on material culture.

Keith Wilson's The Object Library

The Object Library is a dynamic and evolving art installation for the Center for Humanities’ 365 Things project originated and curated by the Center’s Director and C3RI Professor of Sculpture Keith Wilson.

“What do we want from a library these days?” – Keith Wilson is exploring this question as director of this new initiative, a collection of wares, goods and books, that Wilson says will “point to other ways we can learn about the world.”

Keith was recently featured in a news article on Interior Design. Read the full article here.

Keith Wilson's The Object Library

Keith Wilson is a Professor of Sculpture at Sheffield Hallam University and is currently working between Sheffield, London and the Graduate Centre of City University of New York‘s Centre for the Humanities as Acting Executive Director.