Friday 24 March – Make.Practice.Perfect at CVAN East Midlands Annual Event features talk on procrastination by Joanne Lee (Graphic Design, SHU)

Banner images for event Make.Practice.Perfect by CVAN East Midlands

Joanne Lee, photographer, writer, researcher and publisher and Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design at Sheffield Hallam University will be speaking at Make.Practice.Perfect. at The Collection, Lincoln on the topic of Procrastination: preparation, perfection and excuses. Find out more about Joanne’s work here.


Annual Event
Friday 24 March 2017
10AM – 5PM
The Collection & Usher Gallery, Lincoln LN2 1LP

How do we make and continue to make art?
What are the barriers to making?
Where do we turn for help in the process and practice of making art?
Are we looking in the right places and do we need to look at all?
What can we put in place to facilitate our practices?

Aimed at artists, students and academics, as well a non-practising public, this daylong event organised by the East Midlands Contemporary Visual Arts Network (CVAN) discusses how, where and why we produce art works today, what are the barriers to production and how we may overcome them through our working methods and accessing relevant networks and resources.

This event is designed for and to inspire an open and diverse audience of those working in the sector as well as non-arts professionals. Featuring keynote contributions, discursive breakouts, informal networking and member contributions, CVAN’s events allow us collectively to explore ideas relevant to the sector, capitalise on the knowledge, skills and assets of the network and expand its terms of reference and aspiration.


More information and how to book a place can be found here. Booking is essential!