Hester Reeve presenting at Show and Tell on How to Dwell in the House of Art – Wednesday 27th July 11:00AM


Flat Time House & /origin\forward/slash\

Free event  Wednesday  July 27th  11 am  BST  2022 on Zoom.


How can art be a location or place of ‘dwelling’ in our contemporary situation and why should it matter to us? What does it mean to be ‘at-home-in-the-world’ and if, as Heidegger maintained, we are suffering from the ‘plight of homelessness,’ does this imply that domestic, artistic or philosophical action is called for? Maybe all these areas need to combine and risk blurring boundaries (we call this the ‘Heidegger Lasagne’)? We welcome you at our virtual table where each of us shares through thinking and materials their current location in the House of Art. Presentations will be followed by open discussion together. We are particularly keen to honour video link technology’s role during the past few years in affording relationships, connections and idea formation across the planet.

/origin\forward/slash\ is a small band of artists and philosopher-theorists who, since the start of the pandemic, have been on a digital residency at Flat Time House (creating and occupying the virtual room, The Other Hand). They have been inhabiting zoom discussions for with and against the ideas of Martin Heidegger and exploring ways of making-thinking together in relationship to the matters of significance which arise between them.

/origin\forward/slash\ group members presenting on the day will be: Sacha Golub, Marie Hay, Jo Malt, Hester Reeve & Mark Titmarsh. Visit the group’s website and ongoing archive of materials. Please get in touch for Zoom link.