Hester Reeve to perform at ‘Philosophy On Stage #4’ in Vienna this November

Banner image for Philosophy on Stage #4, Vienna

Nietzsche envisioned a fusion of the resistant forces of both disciplines as a “foreplay of a philosophy of the future” which was to bring about a new, active concept of thinking: an active thinking of the untimely, that is, “acting in a non-present fashion, therefore against time and even on time, in favour (…) of a time to come”. (Deleuze: Nietzsche and Philosophy)

Hester Reeve, Reader in Fine Art, will be giving a performance entitled Of Sound in the Landing Page on Saturday 28 November at Philosophy on Stage #4 in Vienna.

Philosophy on Stage #4 runs from 26 to 29 November in Halle G and the Studios of Tanzquartier Wien and is organised jointly by the PEEK-Project Artist Philosophers. Philosophy AS Arts-Based-Research and Tanzquartier Wien. The event aims to investigate emerging interdisciplinary connections between philosophy and the arts. Over the course of four days, more than 60 philosophers and artists will come together to explore whether the arts in connection with philosophy can constitute a laboratory for the future.

The full programme and ticket information is available here.

Hester Reeve is a Reader in Fine Art. Learn more about Hester’s work here.