Walking… Seeing… Being: Hester Reeve co-facilitates event at Nirox South Africa on Slow Art Day

Flyer for Walking... Seeing... Being... co-facilitated by Hester Reeve at NIROX South Africa - from NIROX event website

Slow Art Day takes place globally on the 14 April, encouraging self-reflection and discovery through slow appreciation of art. This year, SHU Reader in Fine Art Hester Reeve is co-facilitating an event in South Africa’s NIROX sculpture park.

Walking… Seeing… Being… marks Hester Reeve’s first research trip to South Africa and the beginning of the first stage of a new major public art work which she will be developing site-specifically at NIROX over the next 2 years. Working alongside practitioners of the Alexander Technique is a novel and apt context in which to convene a Bohm Dialogue. Participants will commit to a day long process which will combine working at each individual’s body-being awareness and group reflection upon language-thought-knowledge in order to generate new insight.

Walking… Seeing… Being…
NIROX sculpture park, Krufersdorp, South Africa
Saturday 14 April 2018
For tickets please see here.

Hester Reeve is a performance artist who works with Live Art actions, philosophy, dialogues, drawing and photography. Hester is a Reader in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University. You can find more information on Hester Reeve and her work on her webpage.