Guest editorship: Journal of Information Security and Applications: Special Issue – Prof Deepayan Bhowmik (guest eds)

Journal of Information security and applications

Special issue on Advances in Multimedia Signal Processing for Cybersecurity.

This special issue (a follow up from a special session on the same topic at IEEE DSP 2017, London) is aimed at bringing together recent advances in the multimedia signal processing techniques for cybersecurity, forensics, privacy and trust. Application areas include 1) signal decomposition and analysis of media content to aid cybersecurity and modern forensics investigation; 2) privacy preserved and secured media sharing in social networks; and 3) emerging concepts and techniques, such as, blockchain for trusted multimedia transactions. Further, this special issue will concentrate on traditional and emerging methods to design robust systems that protect streaming entertainment contents. This also requires research in real-time approaches to accommodate industry needs. The issue will consists of approximately six to eight peer reviewed papers.

Special issue publication estimated October 2018.

Title:Journal of Information Security and Applications:Special issue on Advances in Multimedia Signal Processing for Cybersecurity
Publisher: Elsevier
Guest Editors:
Prof Deepayan Bhowmik -Sheffield Hallam University; Dr Charith Abhayaratne - University of Sheffield; Dr Peter Meerwald-Stadler - BCT Electronics GmbH, Austria; Dr Arijit Sur - Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, India
Editor in Chief:Prof Anthony T.S. Ho - University of Surrey
Online ISSN: 2214-2126
Published: 8 times per year