Experiencing Public Relations: International Voices – Liz Bridgen (Eds)

Experiencing Public Relations: International Voices, co-edited by Liz Bridgen, examines the everyday experiences of public relations practitioners to interrogate how public relations is perceived by those outside and within the field. The book aims to public provoke debate around the nature of public relations by looking at how it is defined at a theoretical level, compared to how it is lived and represented in the real world.

The book goes beyond the ‘frontstage’ scholarship of public relations to bring together stories of public relations in daily life, revealing how influential theories work out in practice and translate into different cultural and social contexts. It will provide researchers, professionals, and students a vital perspective on the inner workings of public relations today.

Chapters feature work from some of the world’s leading public relations scholars. They cover a diverse range of subjects, such as representations of public relations in fiction and film, terrorist use of public relations, the impact of social media on this medium, and a study of ‘dirty work’ within the public relations industry. The book also explores public relations practices internationally, presenting analysis from contributors based in Argentina, Australia, China, Colombia, El Salvador, Finland, New Zealand, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, UAE, UK, and the USA.

Title:Experiencing Public Relations: International Voices
Publisher: Routledge
Liz Bridgen - Sheffield Hallam University, Dejan Verčič - University of Ljubljana, Solvenia
Publication date:Oct, 2017
Print ISBN:978-1138632448
Format: 23.5 x 1.9 x 15.7 cm, paperback
Number of pages:226