Doctoral student Amelia Knowlson and Design Futures’ Nick Dulake featured in Education Technology and EdQuarter

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3D PRINTING: How 3D printing is helping in education

3D printing is helping to develop creative processes of every level of education, features in Education Technology and EdQuarter suggests. In the article, Amelia Knowlson, a doctoral student in Hallam’s Art and Design Research Centre (ADRC), discusses her use of the technology to make 3D copies of the Grice Ivories collection, providing exciting new insights through previously undiscovered details. Elsewhere in the feature Nick Dulake, senior industrial designer within the University’s Design Futures team, talks about the impact 3D printing is having on art and creative processes.

Amelia Knowlson is a doctoral student in the Art & Design Research Centre and is supported by the Heritage Consortium. Amelia’s work examines the use of 3D printing as a curatorial tool.

Nick Dulake is a senior industrial designer at Design Futures based within the ADRC.