The Design Journal Vol. 22 issue 1, edited by Paul Atkinson

The Design Journal Vol. 22 issue 1
Title:The Design Journal, Vol 22 issue 1
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Prof Paul Atkinson
Associate editor:Prof Louise Valentine
Editorial assistant:Kirsty Christer
Print ISSN:1460-6925
Online ISSN: 1756-3062
Published: 6 times per year

The first issue of Volume 22 of The Design Journal has now been published. In his editorial, Our Survey said…, editor Prof Paul Atkinson discusses competitive birdwatching as part of a national survey and compares it to the different types of surveys which form a thread through the papers in this issue.

In this issue, a paper by Ilhan and Oguz explores the expansion of co-authorship in design research by quantitatively analysing the content of thirteen journals, including The Design Journal, over the last fifteen years. They find that when three or more authors co-author a paper, the number of citations to the paper increases significantly and therefore, the research has greater impact than if it had one or two authors. The findings also show that the networks involved in producing co-authored papers are fairly fluid, consisting of small, unconnected groups indicating a lack of long-term collaborative research programmes.

Other papers in this issue cover product design outsourcing, graphic design, social design in Turkey. Also included are a PhD study report and a review of Making Sense of Field Research by Sheila Pontis.

The Design Journal is the official journal of the European Academy of Design (EAD), which holds its biannual conference this year. Paul has been the Chair of the EAD since 2014. Running with Scissors is the 13th conference and is hosted by the journal’s Associate Editor, Prof Louise Valentine this week at the University of Dundee.