Design for Health, Vol 3 issue 1, edited by Dr Claire Craig

Design for Health, Vol 3 issue 1
Title: Design for Health, Vol 3 issue 1
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Online
Editor-in-chief:Prof Paul Chamberlain, Sheffield Hallam University
Co-editor:Dr Claire Craig, Lab4Living, Sheffield Hallam University
Co-editor:Prof Paul Atkinson, Sheffield Hallam University
Assistant editor:Kirsty Christer, Sheffield Hallam University
Print ISSN:2473-5132
Online ISSN: 2473-5140

In her editorial for this issue, editor Dr Claire Craig reflects on the spirit of Leonardo di Vinci in the 500th anniversary of his death. While Leonardo’s advances in art are well known, his contribution to anatomy (through, for example, depictions of the spine and description of cirrhosis of the liver) is perhaps less well known.

“The spirit of Leonardo lives on in this issue of Design for Health. It is possible to see how researchers working in this space continue to challenge the status quo, to use design and creative practice to build understanding of phenomenon, to create responses to unmet needs and to make visible what is not visible.” – Dr Claire Craig (ed.)

In this issue a particularly strong theme that emerges is the ability of design research and design research methods to give voice.

The issue includes nine papers and two exhibitions reviews, from researchers in Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Turkey, the Netherlands and the UK. Three invited papers from the 2018 Design4Health Conference are included, each of which explores a different dimension of loss of voice.

Design for Health is currently published twice a year and was established by Lab4Living in conjunction with leading international academic publisher Taylor & Francis in 2017.