Design Futures packaging wins ‘Best Sustainable Packaging’ at the World Food Innovation Awards for Yumpa Bars

Tony Askins (Yumpa Bars) and John Kirkby (SHU's Design Futures) holding a selection of their cricket flour energy bars

Yumpa Bars, a natural energy bar made with cricket flour, won Best Sustainable Packaging at the World Food Innovation Awards International Food and Drink Event for their compostable packaging designed by SHU’s Design Futures Team and Parkside.

Yumpa Bars are the first snack bar in Europe to have a fully compostable wrapper.

“Environmental responsibility is a key company ethic for Yumpa. Sustainable packaging materials are therefore vital to the product range and Yumpa’s commitment to achieving solutions that meet this requirement has been very impressive.

The effort and extra investment required to push through the compostable film for the primary packaging was considerable but makes a real difference to the product. The final design for the wrappers, shelf ready packaging and postal box all illustrate that sustainable packaging solutions can still create a strong brand impact.”
John Kirkby, director of Design Futures

Design Futures and Yumpa collaborated through the Sheffield Innovation Programme (SIP).

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