Design For Health Volume 5 issue 3, edited by Paul Atkinson

Design For Health Vol 5 issue 3
Title: Design for Health, Vol 5 issue 3
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Online
Editor-in-chief:Prof Paul Chamberlain, Sheffield Hallam University
Co-editor:Dr Claire Craig, Lab4Living, Sheffield Hallam University
Co-editor:Prof Paul Atkinson, Sheffield Hallam University
Assistant editor:Kirsty Christer, Sheffield Hallam University
Print ISSN:2473-5132
Online ISSN: 2473-5140

The new issue of Design For Health is now published online, albeit slightly delayed by the pandemic. Editor Paul Atkinson reminds us in his Editorial of one of the defining phrases of the pandemic – We’re all in this together – that will now forever be connected with a period in which our behaviours and expectations have had to change for the common good. The articles in this issue all examine and propose better ways in which different research project stakeholders can work together more successfully.

Ininitiate.collaborate: a design for health collaboration toolkit‘ New Zealand authors Steve Reay, Ivana Nakarada-Kordic, Nicola Kayes and Cassie Khoo, and Lab4Living’s Claire Craig report on a practical toolkit, a card game, to support teams embarking on design for health projects.

Krishane Patel and Kelly Ann Schmidtke et al.’s article Co-designing theoretically informed, conceptual prototypes for interventions to increase hand hygiene in hospital settings: A case study describes ‘Nudgeathon’ workshops they employed. These combined ‘nudge theory’ from behavioural sciences,’s design thinking methods, and drama theory.

Belinda Paulovich considers the problem of codesign when interaction with end users is not possible in her article ‘Take charge: Collaboratively designing educational resources for children and adolescents with Chronic Functional Constipation,

The final article is a review of an innovative conference and festival which took place during the height of the pandemic. Lab4Living researcher Noémie Soula reports on her experience at Another End is Possible – NEW NOW, Festival for Digital Arts, UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein, ESSEN, Germany, 27th August 2021–03 October 2021.