Design For Health Vol 4 issue 1 April 2020, edited by Paul Chamberlain

Design For Health April 2020
Title: Design for Health, Vol 4 issue 1
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Online
Editor-in-chief:Prof Paul Chamberlain, Sheffield Hallam University
Co-editor:Dr Claire Craig, Lab4Living, Sheffield Hallam University
Co-editor:Prof Paul Atkinson, Sheffield Hallam University
Assistant editor:Kirsty Christer, Sheffield Hallam University
Print ISSN:2473-5132
Online ISSN: 2473-5140

In the first of three issues of Design For Health in 2020, Editor Paul Chamberlain notes that ‘Knowledge is not everything‘. He reflects in his editorial on the growth of activity and interest in the interdisciplinary field of design for health, leading to much new knowledge, since this journal’s launch three years ago. However, he reminds us of the importance of developing the skills and methods to analyse, synthesize and thoughtfully apply this new knowledge so that we can improve and enhance our health and wellbeing.

A theme in this issue is the value of engaging end users, industry and other stakeholders in design research, in the context here of a cochlear implant charging system and a study of the aesthetics of prostheses. In this issue, papers also focus on design of health and care environments, the experience of being within these physical environments, and wayfinding within them. One paper looks at creating supportive home environments while another explores the role of design in the communication of health information, in this instance explaining drug-resistant infections in community pharmacies.

Design For Health was launched by Sheffield Hallam University and Taylor & Francis Online in 2016. It continues to grow, with article download figures almost doubling since the same period in 2019 (Q1 2019-2020) and a change from two to three issues per year in 2020. Details of how to subscribe or submit are at Design for Health.