David Clarke discusses the conspiracy surrounding the Pentagon UFO report

As the US government prepare to release a landmark report into UFOs, Dr David Clarke has been quoted in an Evening Standard article examining the case for extraterrestrial life, commenting: “Just because something’s unidentified doesn’t mean it’s alien.”

He believes the more interesting aspect to focus on is why flying saucers sightings took off post-WWII. He points to the Cold War for the answer. “People were worried about the threat of nuclear destruction, they were worried about Government secrecy. All those anxieties needed an outlet,” he says. “People were tending to think, ‘If we as people can’t sort out our problems, maybe there are more intelligent beings out there in the Universe looking after us’”. The Cold War connection would help explain why UFOs are bound inextricably with Government cover-up. Psychologist Carl Jung saw aliens as a ‘modern myth’, like visions of angels over battlefields of World War I.


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