See PhD student Caroline Claisse’s work in the ‘Curious House’ 2017 Exhibition: 28th October-10th December 2017

Curious House Exhibition

Update: 13 November 2017

Caroline Claisse was interviewed in the Sheffield Telegraph this week, describing her research and her exploration of design and technology to create novel heritage experiences. Read more here.

In partnership with the museum volunteers at the Bishops’ House, designer and PhD candidate Caroline Claisse has co-created an interactive installation where museum visitors will experience the house in new ways. This exhibition builds on the success of ‘Curious House’ (2016) where artists created engaging new work in response to the house, its association, and collection.

Through interactive technology, visitors will have the opportunity to meet characters that could have lived in the house over the last 500 years.

The exhibition Curious House’ (2017) was funded by the Cultural, Communication and Computing Research Institute at Sheffield Hallam University.

For Further details about the exhibition, please see: Facebook event pageCurious House website.


Project Supervisors

Prof Daniela Petrelli (Director of Study)

Prof Luigina Ciolfi (Second Supervisor)

Nick Dulake (Third Supervisor)