‘Gateway II’ – Professor David Cotterrell referenced in the Guardian

Images courtesy of David Cotterrell and the Imperial War Museum exhibition - Images are research photography by Professor David Cotterrell, entitled 'Gateway II'

When is it too early to teach your kids about genocide?

Professor David Cotterrell, Director of the Culture & Creativity Research Institute has had his work, Gateway II, referenced in a Guardian piece looking at the Imperial War Museum’s new galleries showcasing artistic responses to conflict since its inception during the First World War. On the photographs featured in the exhibition, David said:

“for all of the talk of technology and diplomacy and of things advancing, we’re still essentially putting young people in front of sharp objects and trying to train them to hurt each other to solve problems”.

Read more about Gateway II at the Imperial War Museum below:

Professor David Cotterrell’s Gateway II at the Blavatnik Art, Film and Photography Galleries exhibition, at the Imperial War Museum, 10 November 2023

Professor David Cotterrell is Research Professor of Fine Art & Director of the Culture & Creativity Research Institute (CCRI) at Sheffield Hallam University, and co-founder of Empathy & Risk C.I.C.