Claire Lockwood speaks to The Star after SHU unveils plans for artworks at Sheffield’s Head Post Office, home of Sheffield Institute of Arts

Composite image of image from 'The Star' showing potential new SIA artworks at HPO, with picture of HPO

SHU has revealed plans for three new public art installations in the Sheffield Institute of Arts Head Post Office building, to celebrate Sheffield’s creativity and the history of creative teaching at the SIA.

Claire Lockwood, Head of the Department of Art & Design at Sheffield Hallam, has spoken to The Star as the University reveals plans for three artworks to be installed in the Sheffield Institute of Arts (SIA). The former Head Post Office Grade II-listed building will see new artwork installations which celebrate Sheffield’s creativity and to also commemorate the SIA’s own history.

“SIA moved into the building in 2016 and it is such a wonderful building to work in. We want to continue to breathe new life into it and we think this project will do just that. The external designs are a call back to the craft of hand painted adverts with the new artwork celebrating the city’s creativity. Inside the building, metal working techniques will be used to create ‘replacement’ tiles for the original mosaic floor in the old Post Hall – now our café and gallery.

We are also planning a commemorative plaque which will sit where the old posting boxes were, celebrating our institutions’ own history, and the many sites we have occupied around Sheffield, from the Bath Tavern, through to Psalter Lane, and back to the city centre.”
Claire Lockwood

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Claire Lockwood is the Head of Department of Art & Design at Sheffield Hallam University.