CISDIDC 2017 Conference – The Role of Computational Intelligence in Developing Countries – 09 February 2017

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This seminar will explore how computational intelligence can be applied to address challenges faced by developing nations. Computational intelligence (CI) can be viewed as an inter-disciplinary or across platform field of study for developing and applying computer systems that can exhibit human-like intelligence in solving varieties of problems. This seminar will assemble technologists, social scientists, engineers, policymakers, industrialists and other stakeholders, to explore the state-of-art for CI applications in developing countries and to identify avenues for future research. We invite scholars to contribute problem-based articles or presentation that will seek the continuing efforts to understand how CI techniques could lead to future improvements of the wellbeing of people living in developing countries.

We invite papers and presentations that discuss applications, proposals or solutions in the following areas: food & agricultural pricing, accountability & transparency, security & terrorism, eLearning & educational technology, elections & electioneering, job & wealth creation, population & financial management, postal service management, wildlife preservation, environment, socio-cultural learning, crime control, corruption, legal & justice systems, alternative and renewable energy, etc., that are faced by developing countries.

Papers and presentations should be guided by any of the following questions:

• How can local CI experts, social scientists and policy makers work with international agencies to support development?
• How can CI be used to create applications that support and improve people’s day to day lives in developing countries?
• How can big and open data technologies help to solve problems that requires attention in developing countries?
• What research methodologies are relevant to applying CI techniques to solving problems in developing countries?

Keynote Speaker
Dr John Quinn, AI & Data Scientist, UN Global Pulse Lab, Makerere University, Uganda

Guest Speaker
Dr Kassim Mwitondi, Statistics & Data Mining, Sheffield Hallam University

Prof Andy Dearden, Cultural, Communication & Computing Research Institute, Sheffield Hallam University
Ken Ehimwenma, PhD Student Sheffield Hallam University
Aramide Gbolahan, PhD Student Sheffield Hallam University
Raj Ramanchandran, PhD Student Sheffield Hallam University
Maruf Raheem, PhD Students Sheffield Hallam University
Ashik Ali, PhD Student Sheffield Hallam University

In collaboration with: CISDIDC (A network of PhD students across-disciplines)

Conference Date: Friday 17th February 2017
Venue: Room 15104, Aspect Court, Sheffield Hallam University, Pond Hill, S1 2BG
Time: 9am-5pm

To submit a paper/presentation please kindly email a 2 page Word or PDF document to cisdidc [at] gmail [dot] com

Submission of paper/presentation: 23rd December 2016
Notification of Acceptance: 15th January 2017

Remote presentation is welcomed