A special issue on Borders and Migrations of BFI’s Viewfinder in Autumn 2019 featured an article about Palestinian Cinema and the Creative Interruptions Project by Dr Anandi Ramamurthy (Reader in Post-Colonial Cultures, Sheffield Hallam University)

‘Separation and displacement so central to contemporary Palestinian experience have found expression in both drama and documentary within contemporary Palestinian Cinema, a medium that has narrated the Palestinian tragedy in dozens of creative ways while also giving expression to their resistance and resilience. There is hardly a Palestinian film that does not touch on the theme of borders, checkpoints, exile, displacement or restrictions of movement. The focus is not on international borders, but rather on the borders and restrictions of movement imposed by the Israeli state on the Palestinian people. In both fiction and documentary, Palestinian Cinema has narrated the centrality of the methodical, deliberate and calculated construction of barriers, separations and systematic displacement of Palestinians from their homes, livelihoods and families.’

For full text of the article see here.

Continuing this theme, on 13 November 2019, Dr Anandi Ramamurthy collaborated with the Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice Centre and Cinema Palestino to host a screening of ‘Broken: A Palestinian journey through International Law’ at the Void. The screening was followed by a Q&A with director Mohammed Alatar and Dr Mattew Sands.